Ian McCrudden


McCrudden has directed nine feature films, including Cowboys ★ Indians, The Things We Carry, and Islander, which the Hollywoord Reporter called an “intelligent and compelling drama”.

Thomas Hildreth


Child of Grace will be Hildreth’s second feature filmed in Maine, where his family has strong roots. Hildreth previously produced Islander, also directed by Ian McCrudden.

Athena Lobit


The Things We Carry marked Lobit’s debut as a feature film producer. Prior to producing live-action, she worked as a post-production supervisor for Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

Margie Templo Parks


Producer, director and founding partner at Arkeofilms, a production company in Manila, Philippines, Margie brings 17 years of combined experience in feature film, corporate video and commercials, and educational television to her new home in the U.S.A. Currently based in Los Angeles, she has been selected as a participant in various programs at film festivals around the world.

Ryo Rex

Director of Photography